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Getting Started

Great job!

You've chosen to transfer your blog to, and we thank you for the trust!

To make sure you don't lose any visitors or end up with broken links later on, there are some helpful tools available.

It's important to keep your current traffic, even if the blog structure changes.

Getting your new blog ready

To avoid any disruptions while moving your blog, wait to switch your custom domain to SpaceMate until you're sure your new blog is set up and all your content is transferred. In the meantime, you can use your domain.

Moving your content to SpaceMate

We don't have a tool to import your content from another source.

The simplest way to transfer your current content to SpaceMate is by making new posts and copying the text from your existing web pages one by one. You can format them however you like during this process.

Make sure to set the published date to the original date when you first published the post.

What's next?

When everything is working well and your blog is live at, it's time to switch your domain. You can do this by changing your DNS records, and you can find instructions here.